265 Lbs Beast Bodybuilder Turned Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Stunt Double Battles a Nasty Disease With Feet Swollen Like “Balloons”

When it comes to the greatest bodybuilding legend of all time, Arnold Schwarzenegger stands out as a one-of-a-kind whose physique, talent, and worldwide popularity are irreplaceable. He is a man with a forward-thinking persona who holds specialization in many other fields as well, such as business, politics, etc. 

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His Hollywood career soared because of his incredible acting and impressive physique, which left everyone amazed. He became widely known for his unmatched talent and skill in the entertainment industry. But here’s the twist – his doppelganger, Brett Azar, who works as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stunt double, surprised fans with his uncanny resemblance. Azar has won the hearts of millions with his talent and acting skills. Lately, the actor who played Arnold in Terminator has been going through a tough time, and this has caught the attention of Arnold’s fans on Instagram.

Bodybuilder-turned-actor & stunt double Arnie is in bad health


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In a recent Instagram post, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stunt double shared a tough moment in his life. He posted a short video where he displayed his legs to the viewers. You might be wondering what’s unusual about that. Well, in the video, Azar didn’t appear to be in good spirits. He seemed quite upset about his swollen legs, which were a result of his struggle with ulcerative colitis.

Along with the video, he added a caption that says, “Grrrr…. ulcerative colitis nonsense. He can be heard saying “my balloon legs” with a kind of discontent. In addition to this, he also mentioned considering taking prednisone, a type of medicine that helps control inflammation and various health problems.

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Upon seeing his severely swollen legs, some of his followers advised him to be patient and maintain a healthy lifestyle to help reduce the swelling. The illness he’s dealing with can be a sign of potential issues with his liver and kidneys. Just a few days ago, he shared some updates about his health concerns.


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Arnie Stunt Double opens up on his health concerns 

Brett Azar has been witnessing the tough time of his life and he made it clear to his followers and fans. Recently, he posted a photo of his swollen legs with a caption that hinted at his deteriorating health issue.

Requesting his followers to give the remedy to tackle the disease easily, he wrote on Instagram, “Latest health concerns… major edema in my feet, legs, and stomach. Does anyone have experience with this issue and know a remedy? I’m on prednisone, and im having entyvio infusions for my ulcerative colitis”. “The swelling has gotten really bad over the last week. Especially in my feet and abdomen which is so strange looking. .Any advice helps. Thank you” the caption further added. 


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Quite equivalent to Arnold Schwarzenegger of Terminator, stunt double, Brett Azar revealed about his ruining health. The man with a beast-looking physique seems to be discontent with swollen legs caused by inflammation. What’s your take on it?

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