21-YO Steroid-Enhanced Bodybuilder Who Left Everyone Worried Reveals His Rather Minimal Food Expenditure: “This Is Only Food for Two Days”

A fitness influencer has amassed a following of over 4.02 million subscribers and followers on YouTube and Instagram combined. However, the 21-year-old has obtained a lot of recognition for his massive and shredded physique at this young age, where professional bodybuilders took time to develop such a body. Despite having a massive fanbase, people and pro bodybuilders slammed him into choosing unhealthy food habits.

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Sam Sulek, who faced accusations of using steroids, refused to let these negative comments define him. Instead, he believes in moving forward. Nonetheless, the American influencer made a video of his grocery shopping, which captured fans’ attention. His list of food and the amount of money he invested in it stunned everybody.

Social media sensation went out for grocery shopping


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Sulek’s short clip went viral while he was shopping. AEG Fitness shared this short clip on YouTube. He bought only a handful of items, which would last for just a couple of days. Let’s find out what he purchased and how much it cost.

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At the start of the video, he said, “This is only food for two days. I’ll be fine. There we go.” The products he bought were Fat-free mozzarella and cheddar, a dozen eggs, American cheese, zero-calorie root beer, chopped salad, ground beef 96% lean, and steak, the list didn’t end here he also added live carb smart buns.

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After buying these products, he stated, “That’s pretty much about all I’m gonna get for the next couple of days.” These items only cost him $70.61, it’s a pretty great deal, he bought two days of food for under $100. Regardless of being of his smart choices, for a couple of weeks, he faced a lot of criticism for what he ate.


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IFBB Pro coach advice Sam Sulek

IFBB Pro Coach Greg Doucette uploaded a video on his YouTube channel. He talked about Sulek’s unhealthy food intake, which may lead to severe problems later.

Doucette opened up about his life and said that he’s happy at 48 and didn’t want to die sooner, for that he’s been taking care of himself to live longer than possible. He was disappointed with Sulek. “Please remember this: you cannot get your time back on this earth. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. You want to live as long as humanly possible,” stressed Doucette.


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Greg even praised him for his body. “Sam Sulek does not need to take Tren. He already has an amazing physique. He looks incredible he hasn’t even competed yet, so why abuse performance-enhancing drugs he doesn’t need to?” emphasized Doucette. Do you think while showing concern over his choices, Coach Doucette made some valid points? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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