21-YO Bodybuilding Enigma Sam Sulek Reveals What Happens to Body When You Only Eat Protein but Doesn’t Recommend It

Sam Sulek, who became famous from his TikTok videos for having an exceptionally muscular physique for his age, has been the talk of the bodybuilding world. The 21-year-old has been accused several times by elite bodybuilders and people in the fitness community of being on steroids; however, none of the trolls were enough to divert him from his sole passion, bodybuilding.

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Sam Sulek thrashed all his haters with his consistency, dedication, and, most importantly, profound knowledge of the sport. Well, his content has managed to garner him a huge fanbase, and he now uses his social media, not only to post updates about his transformation journey but also to share his acquired knowledge.

The benefits of being only on protein, according to the 21-YO


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A bodybuilding fan page, @brahplanet, recently took to their official YouTube channel and shared a video of fitness icon Sam Sulek. In the video, he was seen talking about how, when you are on a journey to reduce your body weight and gain leaner muscles, consumption of only protein-rich food is tremendously effective.

Sam Sulek explained the reason in detail and said, “Let’s say somebody did a diet of protein only. They don’t eat any carbs specifically. The only thing that made sure they ate was protein, like meats, beef, chicken, steaks, and eggs.” The fitness sensation continued talking about how, when someone is on a strict diet like that, do not worry about the calorie count, as it automatically gets balanced out.

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Sulek further added, “Like if you did protein only, you won’t even have to count your macros. If you just ate protein all day, I’m pretty certain you would get lean because you have a lot of carbs in you.” However, despite all the benefits, Sam Sulek still does not advise people to get on strict diets like this, which might give effective results but, as a side effect, will slow down your body’s capacity to digest other food groups.


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Sam Sulek does not recommend only protein diets

The 21-year-old goes on to highlight how protein-rich foods are immensely filling, but he, for one, is not someone who likes to restrict the body to just one single food group. Sulek says, “Protein is a pretty filling kind of food. Right? You’d probably be in a deficit and get leaner, but that’s like a bare-bones method. Just eat this sort of food, and that’s it.”


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Sam Sulek even mentions that he does not recommend a diet of that sort solely for reasons of restrictions, despite the fact that it is the most basic kind of diet for anyone who wishes to embark on a fitness journey of getting lean. What do you think about the statement made by Sam Sulek? Let us know in the comments section below.

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