19 YO Bodybuilding Champ Is Already Drawing Comparisons With 21 YO Internet Sensation for Their Alleged Reliance on Steroids

A 19-year-old athlete in the bodybuilding arena has amazed everyone by winning a major competition and paving his way towards becoming a professional. However, the bodybuilder’s physique has left some people wondering if he used steroids to get his impressive body, despite him maintaining that it is all due to the effort put in the gym.

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This 19-year-old athlete recently gained a lot of respect from sports fans by winning three big NPC titles in a row. The professional coach Greg Doucette recently shared a video on his YouTube channel comparing the 19-year-old young bodybuilder with the famous fitness influencer Sam Sulek.

Doucette questions Anton Ratushnyi’s journey


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Greg Doucette recently released a video on his YouTube channel titled “19 Years Old Better Than Sulek? Anton Ratushnyi.” In the video, Doucette said, ” Anton Ratushnyi unlike Sam Sulek this guy he’s already been competing and he just won the overall bodybuilding competition at just 19 years of age.”

Doucette questioned how the youngster could have all this muscle at such an age. While his achievements are remarkable, it raises an important question about whether this early start is the best path for a young bodybuilder. He further added, “Yes, it’s truly amazing. It’s absolutely astonishing but does he really need to be this amazing at this young of an age?”

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Doucette added, “So at 19 he’s not ready for this and although he looks amazing and perhaps his aspirations to become a Mr. Olympia competitor, but is it actually worth it? The IFBB pro coach also questioned if Ratushnyi couldn’t do this a little later in his life. Earlier, in another video, Doucette had drawn parallels between the youngster and current Mr Olympia Classic Physique champion, Chris Bumstead.


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The 19-year-old CBum

In the earlier video, Doucette said that we should think about whether it’s better to win or regret not trying. “The price of winning versus the price of regret…..the kids’s only 19 years of age absolutely phenomenal physique incredible if you think the price of winning is too high,” he said. The bodybuilder while comparing Ratushnyi to CBum, also talked about how winning at all costs might lead to regret if it is done by taking PEDs.


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Chris Bumstead started his journey by getting his “Pro Card” when he was just 19 years old, and he went to become a mainstay in the classic physique division. Do you think that Anton Ratushnyi can emulate the success that CBum has had in his career? Let us know in the comments below.

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