16 Days Before Olympia, Coach Greg Makes Big Statement on German Bodybuilding ‘Bear’ Dethroning 4-Time Winner Chris Bumstead: “Absolutely Shredded”

Just a few days left for the bodybuilding‘s ultimate championship, the 2023 Mr. Olympia. The excitement is at its peak, dropping shivers down the spines of bodybuilding fans, coaches, and competitors. However, besides the Men’s Open Division, the Classic Physique Division captivates people’s attention. The game is getting bigger and filled with thrill, because the face of this division, Chris Bumstead, is gearing up to defend his title for the fifth time.

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But there’s someone else who is desperately willing to snatch the title from Bumstead, his rival Urs Kalecinski. The competition between these two athletes is boiling up. The 28-year-old athlete shows off his confidence and claims that everyone was just fighting for second place, while Urs boldly says that anyone can be beaten. Who will loom as the champion? Only time will reveal.

Urs Kalecinski would win the title this year?


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Besides their rhetorical fight, the IFBB Pro coach and YouTuber uploaded a video with the title “Urs Kalecinski, The Next Mr. Olympia.” Has made a stir in the community, he opened up about and clarified why he believed that the German Bodybuilder has the chance this year to place First in this division.

URS Kalecinski is going to be dethroning Chris Bumstead, or is he? Well, URS ain’t scared. URS made a video and posted his physique.
update and everybody is talking about the guy is absolutely shredded,” said Doucette in the video. He further explained that because IFBB has changed some height and weight rules in the classic physique, Kalecincski has gained around 7 pounds of weight to compete against the 6’1 reigning champion.

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He also mentioned another strong contender in the division,” Ramon Dino is not going to Simply let Urs take over Ramon Dino got second place last year and he wants to win just as bad as Urs and Chris,” says the 48-year-old fitness coach. While comparing Urs and Cbum’s physique, the German bodybuilder’s progress astounded him. Although Urs excels in lower body development, Canadian Bodybuilders have a better waist-to-shoulder ratio. However, the ultimate winner may come down to their size and shape on the day of the competition. In September, during an interview with Olympia TV, Bumstead openly said he would win the title again.

Rivalry between reigning champion and runner-up

The 4x Mr. Olympia Classic Physique said, “I do [believe they are all fighting for second place]. It was Urs and Ramon against each other at the Arnold and I think it’s going to be them battling for it again at the next Olympia..” At the Arnold Classic, they both fought fiercely. Chris believes that it is going to happen again during the Sandow trophy.


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Meanwhile, Kalecinski has a quite different opinion than Classic Physique Champ. Despite facing health issues, Kaleciski, competed last year and secured a place in the top 5, but this time he’s been grueling to be crowned as the new champion in the division. The time is ticking, as we are getting closer to the prestigious event. Who do you think would win? Let us know in the comments below.

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